1. Best oral presentation award Diamond Jubilee Conference of NIIH Mumbai "PEG-recombinant Albumin is a Novel Second Generation Active Colloidal Plasma Expander: Role of pattern of PEGylation in inducing Molecular, Solution and SCD Therapeutic Activity of PEG Alb". International Conference on Revolution of Laboratory Medicine in Molecular Biology NIIH ICMR Mumbai Feb 15-17, 2017


2. “Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Medicine by Albert Einstein college of Medicine of Yeshiva University NY USA: Development of therapeutic products for the treatment of sickle cell disease (2014)


3. “DHYAS foundation award 2012” by Excellence group, Pune India in Health and Environment safety category for studies and contribution in sickle cell disease as a group leader and project PI (December 2012)

4. Senior Research Fellowship by Indian Council of Medical Research New Delhi India (2002) - Human parvovirus B19 prevalence and pathogenesis in sickle cell disease.