With basic education in Biotechnology along with lab experience in Biochemistry, Virology, and Human Genetics, Dr. Lingojwar did Ph.D. in Biochemistry with doctoral thesis based on "How bacteria sustain at very high alkaline conditions ?" He tried to reveal its molecular aspects whether specific features are required or not in ATP synthase protein structure which transfers proton inside the bacterial cell for ATP synthesis, even in adverse conditions of transmembrane proton gradient through molecular biochemistry. He was awarded with Post Doctoral Research Fellowship in Medicine by one of the best medical colleges in the United States of America, Albert Einstein College of Medicine located in New York City to undertake postdoctoral studies in Hematology specifically in the field of drug discovery, drug design and recombinant protein-based therapeutics research on transgenic sickle cell disease mouse models. 

He returned to India to serve some specific purpose of life through Bioentrepernuership and social work through one of the award-winning non-profit, Non-Government organization, "RESEARCH" he had founded during his early career.  

His major area of research is human genetic disorder including sickle cell disease (SCD), and infectious diseases including bacteriology, virology and parasitology. Few most important area of research is sickle cell disease including diagnostics, epidemiology studies, Viral Pathogenesis and Protein based therapeutics drug discovery in transgenic sickle mice. He also worked in various area in molecular biology i.e. Pediatric Virology: Human Parvovirus B19, Dengue virus, Hepatitis E virus etc. DNA barcoding for Plant and Bacterial studies. 


He is instrumental in founding two entities in India. An NGO popularly known as "RESEARCH" (Regional Society for Education  And Research in Community Health) he established in 2003 and India's first human resource biotech lab for students and faculties i.e. ATG LAB in 2007. 

His passion is to develop new age biotech entrepreneurs in India and he is providing professional guidance as well as consultancy to pass on to next generation and whosoever wants to get knowledge and skills in molecular biology specifically genomics and proteomics through his direct guidance or his lab's National and International consultants from USA, Europe, Canada and India. 

About journey of sickle cell disease research:

Origin of sickle cell disease (SCD) is linked with malaria hypothesis as a natural selection. Dr. Lingojwar's journey in SCD began with malaria. After graduation he joined Maharasthra State Health Department (National Malaria Eradication Program) as junior level staff. One death due to celebral malaria in Chandrapur district border area was a first turning point  to leave a job and prepare for M.Sc. Biotechnology to do something in better for malaria research.


Later on, after post graduation, due to experience in field work in tribal heath he was selected for SCD project under Padmashree Professor Emeritus Dr. SL Kate. With  Prof. Kate, he worked for more than 5 to 6 years, initially as an employee and then coworker for various field studies till viral pathogenesis while he was working on Human parvovirus B19 at ICMR NIV.


With Dr. M. Hegde he worked for thalassemia and again after doctoral studies he was awarded a Post Doctoral  fellowship for SCD therapeutics research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. At Einstein, he worked with Professor Seetharama Acharya who first time devised plasma expander (PEGAlbumin and PEGHemoglogin) for preclinical studies in transgenic SCD mouse models. 


As like BJ Medical college Pune is the first genetic clinic set up in 1970s in India, Hematology department at Einstein is the first such genetic research center developed by Professor Ronald Nagel in 1960s in USA. 


In between wherever he was not working on SCD, he continued his SCD journey through RESEARCH ngo which he founded in 2003 for field work in Indian tribes in Western, Central and Southern states, as voluntary activities in SCD research along with his better half Mrs. Sarita Lingojwar in lab as well as in field.


After post doc studies on SCD therapeutics, he continued his research on SCD at molecular level to unerstand genetic modifiers in Indian tribes and non tribes with reference to fetal Hb and variation of disease pathogenesis. 




Human Genetics and Genomics


Hematology and Hemoglobinopathies: Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassemia, Epidemiology, Diagnostics in field, Pathogenesis, Therapeutic research  



University of Pune 

Ph.D. Biochemistry 

Thesis title, "Molecular Identification Of Bacterial Species From Pristine Alkaline Crater Lake, Lonar, And Molecular Studies Of "a" and "c" Chains Of Fo Subunit of ATP Synthase Gene"

Bioenergetics and Molecular Microbiology

Bioenergy from Bacterial, Bacterial adaptation to extreme conditions

PCR genomics 

DNA isolation from all possible sources, DNA barcoding in bacteria, plants, Human, animals, wildlife, animal studies in sea and on land for environmental and biodiversity studies, PCR based forensic, Population genetics etc.  

1997 - 1999

SRTM University, Nanded

M.Sc.Biotechnology (with specialization of Environmental Biotechnology). Dissertation thesis title "Drug resistance of Plasmodium falciparum : A case study"

Molecular Viology  and Viral Epidemiology


Human parvovirus B19, CMV, HHV6, Hepatitis viruses, 

Dengue, Chandipura, BSL2 and BSL3 facility development 

Experience in prevalence studies in virology, NIV ICMR experinece during SARS Coronavirus epidemic 2002-2003

Reported first Human parvovirus B19 in india. Experience of respiratory viral diseases. Biosafety level 2 for diagnostics, Lab design for BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3


Nagpur University

B.Sc. Biology (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology)