• Devendra Lingojwar

PhD problems in India

Most of the PhD students in India suffers from one or the other problems during their PhD. In other words, without any problems very few get PhD in India and its true for > 90% PhD students. India churns more than 14000 PhDs annually, out of which 5000 are alone in science. PhD tag became academic compulsion rather excitement as a driving force behind research. Biomedical and Life Science data suggests that more than 50% enrolled PhD students end up with cancellation or no progress in PhD in Life Sciences.

One of the research conducted in Netherland reported reasons of PhD delay:” 1. I have experienced too many practical setback, 2. I did not stick to my planning, 3. Other reasons, 4. I do not receive enough guidance, 5. My planning is too tight, 6. My guide keeps on adding new points of view and research theme to my PhD, 7. My project is too big, 8. I have got completely stuck 9. Illness, 10. Pregnancy, 11. I have lost too much time because of my teaching load”.

In India, situation of PhD students is not very encouraging why Indian students should opt for basic and applied science? Out of many studied and much reported problems, lab facilities, funds, fellowships, relations with PhD guide and corruption in Indian Universities are main issues. Although we can’t have solutions over all issues, we are trying to solve few of those. Few major are: wet lab facilities, pre-PhD counseling, PhD Orientation, proper guidance and troubleshooting of  technical and academic issues.

Our aim is to provide not only facilities and guidance but also to work on how legally PhD students continue their work even with existing PhD guide or institute, or as an independent PhD student, if permitted by UGC recognized Universities.

Some of the successful stories from our lab will be shared with aspiring PhD students who need such guidance to solve their issue. Including but not limited to lab work, thesis, publications and after PhD life including guidance for Post Doc in USA and Western Globe.

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